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I can’t remember my password.
For security reasons it is not possible to send an email containing your password. You can request to reset your password by following this link.

I can’t get into the email I used to create my account.
In many cases it is possible to reset the password with your email service. If this is not possible you can try submitting a support ticket . Be sure to include the email address and the username of your account.

I can’t see my registration email.
Some email services will flag unfamiliar email addresses as spam. The email may have been moved into the spam folder.

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How can I become a member?

Legion Gold is being created and memberships are not currently available. However, active supporters on Patreon are able to create an account and view the entirety of Legion Gold as it is being created. If you wish to become a supporter on Patreon you may do so on this page.

Access for Patreons will be discontinued once Legion Gold has been completed and launched. If you wish to have access to Legion Gold at that point you will need to create an account through the checkout system that will be in place on this website.